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Should you replace your Air Conditioning unit

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Is it time for the air conditioning system to be replaced?

If you’re like most homeowners, you obviously haven’t placed a lot of thinking into that issue. Why would you, after all? Your system works, keeping you in the summer cold and in the winter warm.

If it’s clearly failing, “out of sight, out of mind” is generally the case.

Take our word for it, though, it’s something you’re going to want to worry about—maybe not now, but maybe one day, you might miss your method!

When planning to replace your air conditioning, or update an AC unit, we’ve spoken about some of the stuff you need to remember.

When the decision eventually comes, are you ready for it?

And most specifically, when are you going to have to start worrying about changing the air conditioner?

How long does a ducted air conditioner last?

Most air conditioning systems can last between 10 and 15 years anywhere, but pick a good brand and book daily aircon maintenance, and you can quickly expand that amount and add more years to the life of your machine.

10-15 years should be the minimum length of time your Sydney aircon lasts, not the target. Our team will help you accomplish this, thanks to:

A vast range of reputable brands

Speedy repairs and cleaning for air conditioning

Skill and quality workmanship

Phase of professional machine configuration

You can never have to even contemplate the possibility of air conditioning replacement at all, depending on how long you stay at the house!

Of course, whether you’ve been staying at home for a long time (or moved to a house with a pre-existing cooling system), it’s a different matter.

When do I have my ducted air conditioning replaced?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to ducted air conditioning in Sydney, nor is there such a thing as a single response that works with any single property out there.

That’s why, instead of precise times, most suppliers and installers focus on providing time scales.

That’s how a variety of different factors depend on it…

Age of the system

Obviously, the greatest thing that can decide whether or not it is time to upgrade your ducted air conditioning system is the age of your existing system.

Although the 10-15 year limit can be moved past, there is a certain stage when a machine gets so old that it is literally no longer worth keeping it, and the cost of replacement is probably higher than maintaining the new one!

The exact point is going to depend on:

The device of yours

The brand that you have chosen

How well-kept it is

The provision of spare parts

Our team will help you define this point, whatever system you use, and decide whether or not it’s worth holding on or changing your system.

When continuing renovations are untenable,

As we mentioned above, ducted air conditioning repairs eventually reach the point where replacing the system directly can actually be more affordable.

Often, that is because, requiring more regular maintenance, an ageing device becomes less effective.

And in other situations, that’s because it has dried up all the parts needed to service the machine!

Particularly vulnerable to this are older systems that are out of demand. Since they are no longer assembled, it can be very difficult and costly to procure spare parts.

Look no further than the R22 phase-out, for one example.

The import of this coolant into Australia, once the most popular form of refrigerant, is now reduced, meaning that only a finite amount of the stuff is left. When this reserve dries up, it becomes more difficult to top up the machine.

Although certain devices can be regassed, it would be important to upgrade the ones that can’t.

Matters of scale

A hard-working machine will wear out earlier, and will need to be replaced faster.

By adding more powerful equipment, a lot of homeowners choose to cover for this, using the logic that a more powerful system can last longer.

What they don’t know is that the reverse happens sometimes!

Air conditioning systems are optimised to run for hours on end, whether ducted or otherwise. In fact, it’s actually stopping and beginning that have the greatest impact on the longevity of your system.

A more efficient system hits its target temperature quicker, more often switching off and turning back on, resulting directly in faster wear-and-tear.

Both of this will result in more regular repairs to air conditioning, and even premature removal in some cases.

The latest bills

On your power bills, one of the telltale signs that it’s time to grant a send-off to the new scheme is noticed. Are they much higher than usual all of a sudden? If so, that may be a sign that the replacement of your system is due!

The problem will often be solved by having the system serviced or fixed by a specialist and the system will return to its normal power usage.

In other instances where they can’t fix it and your system continues to use up heaps of power… well, in those instances, your only option may be to replace it, or just watch your power bills continue to climb until your system finally gives out.

When do I have my AC ductwork replaced?

Ducting is the core of your ducted heating and cooling system, so any problems with it can naturally raise questions about whether or not it is time to replace your system.

Fortunately for you, they should not need to be replaced the vast majority of the time, as long as your ducts are in good condition!

In fact, our mobile tech team can often find ways to integrate your existing ductwork into your new system when the time comes to replace your ducted air conditioning system, bringing down installation costs.

Your ductwork might actually be able to survive multiple air conditioning replacements as long as the material itself is still good and there are no tears or rips.

Can I self-substitute ducted air conditioning?

Excuse me, but nope!

Although it is possible to cope with such small problems such as disruptive ducted air conditioning and blocked filters on your own, wholesale repairing a system is something that is best left to the experts.

There are many reasons why it’s not DIY:

Mistakes-because you’re not a specialist, there’s a high chance of getting something wrong.

Insurance: few home insurance policies cover mishaps linked to DIY

Licensing-the installation of air conditioning must be carried out by a certified installer under Australian legislation.

Just look at refrigerants for air conditioning as an example. You may not know it, but if it comes into direct contact with human skin, this liquid can actually cause burns. That’s why it’s necessary to licence refrigerant handlers.

How much does replacing ducted air conditioning cost?

Again, it all depends; there are a range of strategies that our team uses to reduce the cost of updating your aircraft.

For instance, we can often reuse parts of your present system, such as the ducts, as mentioned above, assuming they are in good condition. This not only saves you the cost of buying fresh ductwork, but it also ensures that the roof won’t have to be torn open either.

That can be equal to a lower cost of labour, something that helps further reduce the quote!

In addition, to make upgrading your system more feasible, our team offers incentives such as interest-free air conditioning.

Will you patch the air conditioning unit or upgrade it?

There may be a time when you need to decide whether your air conditioning unit should be either fixed or replaced. The cost of a patch would typically be considerably less than the cost of buying and building a new unit. That seems like a pretty good basis for the decision being taken.

There is a retailer with an outstanding reputation who has been offering economical services to people, Eternal Breeze, if you need an air conditioning maintenance service around Sunshine. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to spend money anytime we choose, so the better choice will be to spend less. But maybe it would not be that easy to determine whether to make fixes.

If you can be assured that investing in the fix will guarantee that, without the need for any future repairs, the machine can restore it to full efficiency, then it is well invested money. Although if the compressor fails a few months after, and then the pump motor stops after that, then you can see a spike in repair costs.

So, to help you clarify what the right decision is, it is worth taking a look at a number of considerations. We’ve compiled some tips to make things simpler for you.

How old is the air conditioning system?

Some big developments have been made in the construction of air conditioning systems as we become more mindful of environmental issues and the need for energy conservation. New air conditioners are available that are about double the performance of their older counterparts. Furthermore, as it ages, the efficiency of the device can decline and the refrigeration system can no longer function as well. For an older unit, you could find that it has trouble dealing on hot days and may be continuously working. It will also add to the cost of power, as more energy will be needed to attempt to reach the hotter temperature that you are used to.

If your unit is more than 10 years old, so contemplating such a move is potentially a good time. If maintenance work is required, then it could be an excellent time to critically consider the procurement of a new device. The new machines would operate more smoothly, be reliable, and come with a guarantee. However, it is generally easier to upgrade the system if the system is less than 10 years old and the modifications to be carried out are not overly costly.

Is the system under Warranty?

If the air conditioner is already insured by a contract, repairs undertaken under the warranty should not be an issue. This could mean that you won’t have to pay for the maintenance, or you may only pay for the cost of labour. Cranbourne residents and others living in the south-eastern area are eligible to use Eternal Air’s facilities to insure air conditioning maintenance. But it might be time to rethink your plans until your warranty expires. When you are near to the end of the warranty span, take a look at the available types of systems and what will be acceptable. This will assist you with making future maintenance choices.

Will you need parts for each service to be replaced?

If you have a routine repair scheme and you find that your air conditioner machine is beginning to require replaced parts more often any time a service is conducted, this is typically an indication that your equipment is failing. When they were designed, some of these units were not modern technologies and their production efficiency was not especially good, so their lives would be reduced. If you can see a trend beginning to appear and you spend extra for maintenance, then chat to your technician about the likelihood of emerging potential issues. Sunshine residents and those living in the western suburbs were able to rely on the technicians from Everlasting Air to provide quality, balanced and relevant information for advice on air conditioning repairs. There is the possibility that something important will fail and then you will not have an air conditioner and you will have to decide whether to replace it more quickly.

What is Your System’s General Condition?

The state of your device is crucial to remember, as this will influence how likely it is that you will require potential maintenance. If you know that since it was purchased, regular maintenance and servicing has been done and that it is located in an environment where the weather will not badly affect it, then it is less likely to have problems.

If there is an issue where maintenance work is needed, and the machine already operates at optimal rate, so it could be worthwhile to get the repair work completed and run the device for longer. But if you find that there are signs of degradation and that there are certain small faults that arise frequently as a result of the age of the machinery, then it might be time to start upgrading your device.

It could be a good time to replace your system if you have evaluated the above elements and found that your system is no longer functioning at a level that suits your needs. If you decide to buy a new system, then you should consider some points.


For the room you are cooling, you need to pick an air conditioner that is the correct size. You need to understand the architecture of the building in which it runs and how efficient the property is in terms of electricity. If it is not the right size or strong enough to adequately cool your house, it will be an issue. There would still be operating challenges if it is too big, as you will have spent too much for a scheme that you are not going to use effectively.

Efficiency in Energy

The star ranking system explains how the air conditioning system is energy efficient. The more stars, the more efficient they will be. This implies that if it is more efficient than a system that is not as efficient, it should use less power. For a system that is more efficient than other systems, you may need to pay more money and you will have to balance out the advantages you will gain from improved energy efficiency savings that will reduce your electricity expenses over time against the additional upfront costs you will pay.

The Volume

You may want a system that has a compressor and fan that are quieter. The noise of the compressor can be distracting, particularly when you try to sleep at night. This will generally mean that you are looking for more sophisticated technology that will usually cost you extra.

Special Functionalities

Different systems will give you various characteristics. Before you start looking, you need to try to clarify what you think is vital for your enjoyment of your air conditioning system and satisfaction with it. These could be easy things for the system when it operates at night, such as a special sleep feature. To make sure the air stays very clean, you might like to have a more efficient filtration system. You would choose to have a device that communicates electronically with your home control system so that you can schedule when it turns on or off, or manually make changes to the settings so that when you get home from work, your house will be cold.


There could be easier opportunities during the year to make your order, based on where you buy the air conditioner, and the type that you plan to buy. Some businesses will have sales of their products and there may be models that will be sold at discounted prices that are being replaced. It is important to note that it may result in other long-term costs to purchase a model that does not meet the production criteria because it is inexpensive.

Servicing and Installation

Any businesses offer offers where preferential prices are provided for installation and repair. To make sure you thoroughly understand what they say, that they can fulfil the criteria and that there are no hidden costs, it is important to read the description of these deals.

There would be some added advantages that you can appreciate as a result of integrating the latest technologies in your house.

Reduced costs of operating

As our understanding of science and engineering develops and computerised design systems evolve, technology in the air conditioning industry has been evolving rapidly. The operational performance of a unit which was manufactured only a few years earlier can always be much surpassed by a modern air conditioning unit. Energy consumption has become a significant factor as well, with the importance of increasing power consumption being an important consideration for reducing environmental effects and lowering the operational cost for the user.

Health Improved

The modern air conditioners were also designed to increase the quality of the air. They have sophisticated filtration that is able to eliminate a wide array of internal air allergens. A major change can be noticed by people with asthma.

Intense heat can be very dangerous. Because of this, as temperatures begin to increase, it is necessary to remain calm. Using a high-quality air conditioner is one of the easiest ways to achieve so.

But what if you don’t get your unit running as it should? Is it time for a fix for the Aircon? When it is scorching outside, you don’t want to think about your air conditioner malfunctioning.

To find out all the key indications that show when it is time for an update, keep reading.

1. Periodic maintenance

Repairs and routine repairs are both part of AC system ownership. They’re anticipated.

But it’s time to worry of a replacement if you find that you need to have it fixed more and more regularly.

Chances are you’re going to waste more time and money fixing it before it all breaks down. Replacing it is faster and cheaper than having an outdated machine running.


2. Older Prototype

New discoveries come with new years and new ways of doing stuff. You’re losing out on all the new technologies if your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old.

Some of the advantages you can gain from having an update include aspects like optimised energy savings and more lightweight designs. Plus, upgrading outdated technology is always nice before it gets so obsolete that it becomes a bigger concern.

Mitsubishi LN

3. Poor movement of the breeze

Can you feel the proper air temperature, just at a fraction of your strength? This problem is often nothing more than a blocked passage or a filter that involves cleaning.

The dilemma is even bigger sometimes. Such as a compressor failure or even the air ducts themselves.

Holding cool is based on the air-constant con’s air flow, so be sure to figure out the true origin of the problem. It could contribute to the need for you to upgrade the machine. Calling a consultant will pinpoint the problem for you.

Airflow Aircon

4. Machine Leaky

Getting any condensation accumulated around the unit as it performs is a natural phenomenon. That is the beast’s essence. Yet condensation can appear to be low.

There can never be any real leaks from the computer of any kind. If you find water settling on or near the AC, it’s not working properly. Either it’s incapable of getting rid of moisture or it’s dripping coolant.

Both are horrific situations that need to be dealt with right away. Furniture and flooring are destroyed by excess water while exposed coolant poses a danger to you and your family.

The easiest way to solve such an issue is also by upgrading your air conditioning systems.

The Leak air conditioner

5. Unforeseen Noises

You’ll come to know the numerous sounds it makes when you use your aircon over the years. It can, most of the time, run with very little noise at all. But as the computer runs, churning through multiple loops often creates noises.

You know better than anyone about your system. If your ear is caught by an odd noise, something that doesn’t sound good, it’s time to contact a technician.

6. Spending on Bills more

It is usual and natural for a fluctuation of your energy bills through the change in seasons. Ramping up the cooling means a bigger bill as the temperature increases. This makes sense.

But the daily price you spend still shows you the tale of your air-con. If you find that you are spending more and more at a significant pace, the schemes can break down.

It may be as basic as the aged machine and unable to function adequately or there is a bigger concern that needs to be tackled. Any way, before you end up investing much too much for too long, it is best to contact someone to try it out.

Power Air Conditioner

7. So much Accumulation of Dust

Air Conditioners not only regulate the temperature of your house, but they also clean the air. Having clean air no matter the time of year is one of the great advantages of these devices.

If you find dense collections of dust around the building, there is a fair risk that your machine will not function properly. It could be as easy as the air filters being washed. But this is also a major indication that it’s time to totally upgrade the machine.

8. The Bad Odors

There can never be a scent of any sort emanating from the air conditioner.

A heavy and pungent odour means a wire is burned out and needs to be replaced immediately. This is a grave fire hazard.

A musty scent is an indicator of your unit’s fungus developing inside. Mold breathing is a dangerous problem and leads to all kinds of diseases. Call your local experts when in question, and have your unit tested.

Smelling Aircon

9. Temperatures Fluctuating

You calculate the temperature you like for your air conditioning unit. This is a concern if you find that the temperature in your home doesn’t correspond to your ideal preference.

When attempting to cool off the house, no one likes hot air coming through the vents. To add any more hot air to an already scorching day is risky.

Temperature of the Aircon

10. Shuts off Itself

When the unit switches off once the desired set temperature is reached, the unit works at the optimum capacity. This suggests a dysfunctional computer as it turns off after a few short minutes or whether it fails to turn on at all.

In order to get the home temperatures you desire, you do not have to struggle with your Air Conditioner.

Do not put off a necessary replacement for air conditioner

It’s time for an aircon replacement if your unit shows one or more of these symptoms. Waiting around and believing that things will get better is not a smart idea.

In the long run, a malfunctioning air conditioner will cost you more money if you don’t repair it as needed. Plus, once the issue is resolved, you and your family will end up feeling miserable the whole time.

Don’t waste those humid, agonising months. As soon as possible, replace your machine.

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