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Asking for the construction of divided air conditioning systems in Sydney? Look no farther, then. We have happily supplied and mounted air conditioners for the split system. For over 20 years, in New South Wales. We only stock the biggest, most trustworthy brands, such as Daikin, Fujitsu, and Actron Air, at reasonable rates here at AdvancedforHVAC.

Split system air conditioners are a perfect way to regulate the year-round temperature of a single room in your home or business. Split System includes, as the name suggests, two physical units. An installed indoor wall unit that is attached to a larger outdoor unit that circulates air into your home or business.

So AdvancedforHVAC has the best split system air conditioning to fit your specifications if you want your space air conditioning, so get in touch today for technical advice or a competitive quote for split system air conditioning!

Split systems are broken down into two or more units, as stated previously. One part will be installed inside the building in a traditional configuration, while the other is either wall-mounted using brackets or merely positioned on the floors, making it relatively easy to implement split systems. Split systems need no ductwork, unlike a ducted air conditioner, allowing you greater control as to where you are mounting it. Currently, for this same reason, several units and apartments have split system air conditioners installed.

Having the compressor part mounted outside enables quiet operation of the indoor systems. In quiet environments such as bedrooms, libraries, and classrooms, split system air conditioners are so silent that they can be mounted. It is very easy to heat and refrigerate a room. Both units come with a remote control or a wall-mounted thermostat that allows it a breeze to pick the correct temperature. Many offer features such as a programmable timer, energy saving mode and even Wi-Fi access, depending on the model you chose, allowing you to remotely control your split air conditioner system.

Many split systems are reverse cycles, ensuring they have both heating and cooling capability to keep you warm during the year. Maintenance is simple; a reusable, washable filter is available in the indoor unit that can be washed by the user. To improve its efficiency and life cycle, we suggest repairing your air conditioner every few years. On hand are our qualified technicians, so get in touch today!

Choosing the proper split air conditioner system can be complicated. When choosing the correct air conditioner, there are several factors you should remember, such as the size of your room, the size and placement of windows, the aspect and location of your house, and most importantly, budget. What’s waiting for you? Our helpful and professional team is now able to give you the best guidance!

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