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Split Systems

We supply all the big brands here at AdvancedforHVAC, from Daikin, Samsung and Carrier to name a few, check our Split Systems page to see all our brands and prices, along with a brochure for each brand that can be downloaded to help you make your decision


If it is a quality designed Coolroom or nightclub refrigeration plant using our highly skilled technician, AdvancedforHVAC will design and install the plant and equipment to meet your needs, you can be assured of a consistent quality work.


Does the air-conditioner or equipment in the factory work to its maximum potential? Maybe it needs some TLC, AdvancedforHVAC will repair your system and get it back and function as fresh, this applies to all consumers from our one of aircon systems to bigger businesses with hundreds of aircon systems, we will make support contracts so that you have the peace of mind that we take care of your comfort and equipment around the year.

Ducted Aircon

AdvancedforHVAC will design a tailored kit to fit you, your preferences and your home's design style. For the tech savvy user, anything including the amount of areas, how many outlets, sort of grills and WIFI or Google experiences

Quotes and Design

Check out our Split goods page for split device prices if you are searching for a fast estimate of the split system supplied and assembled, and the split installation page for the form of installation photos attached with an average price for each one. Or give us a free quote asking for an obligation.


Highly trained technicians from AdvancedforHVAC will help you cope with all your maintenance needs for all models, they have the expertise to get your air-conditioiner or plant back working. We appreciate that your convenience or operating facility equipment is a top priority, whether it is a small split system or larger plant equipment. We're here to assist.

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Servicing and management of the split grid has never been more critical in an environment of rising energy costs. Through offering a repair service that maintains your machine working at maximum performance, while being sanitized to kill nasty airborne bacteria and germs, we will save your wallet and your wellbeing. With a successful maintenance schedule, the life of the machine can also be significantly improved.

Why Choose Us

Completely trained and certified air conditioning technicians from AdvancedforHVAC provide the supply and installation of a new split system or ducted air conditioner, as well as repairs and servicing for all air conditioner types, models, and leading brands.

Professional Service

To keep the air conditioner from breaking down, however. To keep them going, Ducted & Split System Air Conditioners need daily maintenance. Via the warm summer and coolest winter, in other words.

A professionally cleaned and effective air conditioner would also guarantee that the air conditioner operates to its maximum potential. Which will give you years of luxury and savings in electricity.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Job consistency, reliability and trustworthy brands are essential to your air conditioning system. Any job is carried out by AdvancedforHVAC to the highest expectations! We take the hassle out of the construction, installation and commissioning of your air conditioner, which is easy. We are here to assist you and lead you from specification to construction to potential maintenance.

Team Of Experts

Both domestic and commercial air conditioning systems, ADvancedforHVAC has been performing air conditioning repair & operation. We hire seven trained & certified technicians in refrigeration & air conditioning to explain. In addition, we are fortunate to have many training apprentices looking at the future of our industry and helping our young people.

Quotes and Advice

Choosing the proper split air conditioner system can be complicated. When choosing the correct air conditioner, there are several factors you should remember, such as the size of your room, the size and placement of windows, the aspect and location of your house, and most importantly, budget. What's waiting for you? Our helpful and professional team is now able to give you the best guidance!

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AdvancedforHVAC has years of experience in keeping things cool-homes, firms, manufacturers, large-scale refrigeration plants Our trained technicians give tailored guidance for every job to meet your needs and work with your style, ensuring that all year round, the air conditioning system we install will keep things at the right temperature. To learn how we can offer better air conditioning, email us today.